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What an amazing experience! I am so happy I waited until I found logotypers. Big companies want too much and the bogus sites did not stand behind their promise. I was expecting to get screwed and could not believe my eyes as the revisions started coming in. They communicated daily which is super insane and amazing that they can even do that. My finished product is perfect beyond my dreams. Thanks Jonathan! Isn't she pretty:)

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Cheap Logo Design

A higher cost does not always mean quality. In Logotypers we have developed a system that allows you to get a professional quality logo at a low cost.

Cheap logo design and high quality. How is it possible?

Very simple. Through co-creation. This means that the client is actively involved in building the logo. This brings many advantages of cost and makes a logo cheap.


When the designer is faced with the dilemma of creating a logo from scratch, takes a big risk. Finding the exact mood of his client, correctly interpret it, decide on shapes, colors, positioning, marketing, naming, etc.
In Logotypers we created a method in which the client launches the first idea. It is a more effective start. Even better then that a designer can achieve working isolated from his client.
You do not have to be creative, or have aesthetic skills. Anyone with a business can develop an idea of ​​your logo. This client-designer interaction point is that changes everything.

A logo for only $ 30?

Yes And we’re not talking about low-quality logos. Look what we have achieved with our clients interacting in the design process. This allowed us to achieve cheap logo design, which adapts to the characteristics of small businesses since initially need to have a high quality logo at an cheap price.

If you ask yourself these questions, you are in the right place.

Where to get a cheap logo design?
How is it possible to get a cheap logo design?
What’s the quality of a cheap logo design?
Cheap logo design is good for me?
Cheap design is a waste of money?

Cheap logo design: the process.

Describe your idea or sketch. Just an image from google images, or a sketch in PowerPoint or Word. Or just describing what you imagine or need.

How long does it takes?

Another major advantage of  Cheap logo design, is the speed. By starting the design process on a right path, in just 24 or 48 hours our designers create a logo for your company.

Cheap logo design does not always mean low quality.

Co-creation is the new design trend. Encouraging people to sketch his own logo concept makes the difference, and saves time.

To get the customer involved in the process not only reduces costs but also assures the final results fits exactly on what the customer expects.
One of the main catches of logo design is that the designer takes a big risk when he creates different logo alternatives for a customer. That is why a logo design normaly is $ 300 to $ 500. Our cutting-edge platform solves this problem. Because you are invited to join the creative process, and this let us make your logo in 24/48hs and at an affordable cost.

But how do I sketch? – Cheap logo design techniques

It is not necessary to know how to draw, or have design skills. Just a sketch that well might a child, is sufficient. Even if you can not draw, with a detailed description of the idea is more than enough to start the process of a logo.

Cheap logo design for small business?

Starting your own business is hard (and expensive). We believe a cheap logo is the ideal solution for a small business, because it allows for high quality design in a few hours and to change their logo many times as requiered due to the low cost. You can even make 3 or 4 logos for the price you will pay for only one logo in other sites.

And if I have no logo ideas?

You can check our Logo Idea Generator for free

Cheap logo design sites review:

Cheap logo design site: Logomaker.com: Site based on clipart and templates. At a cost of $ 69. Being a self-management of cliparts site is not possible to obtain a unique logo and there is no guarantee that the logo does not use another company.
Cheap logo design site: logolo.com: $ 69. It’s easy to start a design but does not have the support of professional designers to achieve a high quality logo.
Cheap logo design site: logobee.com: This is a crowdsourcing site, costing not less than $ 99. The process is quite long as the proposals of the designers take between 1 and 2 weeks.
Cheap logo design site: cooltext.com: It’s just bad. It allows for a professional logo, but make changes to fonts and effects. Not recommended for a real business.

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