Logo design – DIY or hire a designer?

Logo design - DIY?

When it comes to creating a logo we find fall in the question: Can I do it by myself? Or I need to contract a graphic designer to do it?

There is a large range of possible alternatives between. Let’s start with the pros and cons for both ways.

Make a logo by yourself.


  1. No cost: It’s true if you have the knowledge, you can create your own logo with the help of any program or from any Web service as www.logomaker.com or www.logoshi.com
  2. It’s fast and not have to wait for the response of a person taking your order and design You can try as many alternatives as desired.


  1. The results are often mediocre because websites that allow you to create logos are based on public and free cliparts
  2. You won’t have a vector file for your logo. This means that the quality of your logo will be poor. A quality logo must be in vector format. You need your logo in a vector format such as .EPS or .PDF or .SVG (PNG, or .GIF not have the necessary resolution and then to print correctly)
  3. On the other hand you will not be able to edit your logo in the future.
  4. Get a professional quality logo this way is almost impossible. Since no custom work on the logo, and usually are based on free cliparts

Make the logo with a designer:


  1. The results are often tailored to the needs of each company.
  2. You can get a unique and unrepeatable logo.
  3. You’ll have access (if the designer wants to) to the vector files in .PDF or .EPS print-ready files and good as a backup of your logo
  4. No need to spend your time to do it because the designer spends hours to create it.


  1. Usually it’s expensive (from $ 75 to $ 500) depending on the experience and reputation of the designer.
  2. It takes a long time. A logo usually requires one or two weeks to be done. From delivering first sketches, corrections, changes to completion.
  3. The designer may keep the copyrights
  4. You must choose its logo among few alternatives. Unless you pay a large sum to have many quality alternatives.
  5. If you use a crowdsourcing sevice as www.freelancer.com or www.designcrowd.com you will notice that most of the logos are not actually quality logos. As far as designers of those sites do 10 or 20 logos per day. On the other hand they are often not qualified and don not have the experience.
  6. To match your expectations with your designer’s ideas is often impossible or very difficult.

An intermediate alternative:

In Logotypers we create a new way for creating your logo. Based on years of experience creating logos, we discovered that the best way is to team with you. Always starting with “your” idea.

This way you have a logo that fits what you want. A high-quality logo in which a designer delivers his experience for your idea. It’s a no-risk process. As far as your designer will do a design that will match your initial idea, and will make it shine.

Logo design - DIY or hire someone

Logo design - DIY or hire a pro


The process is simple. You describe the initial idea you have for your logo, or send a drawing of it, and our designers turn your idea into a professional logo.

This way you can have a high quality logo in vector formats .EPS or .PDF .SVG, unique, copyright free and at an affordable cost (starting at $30)

In addition you will be the real owner of the logo since the entire design process started from your own idea.

With this system we have designed over 2500 logos for companies and businesses around the world. And we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs to realize their dream.

Give it a try now. Discuss your idea with one of our designers for free.