Make your own logo

You can make your own logo. It’s a fact. As experienced designers we know everyone has the skills to make a logo for their own business.

Tip: We have developed a co-operative method to help you to make your own logo. Try it (it’s free)

Make your own logo in 3 steps

For many, the creation of a logo is a mystery, something reserved for the gifted. Truth is, anyone can be creative. The vast majority of logos that we see in the market today do not come from the inspiration of award-winning graphic designers, but from the minds of  business owners in collaboration with designers.
Take a look at our step-by-step guide to help anyone create a logo for any given business:

Make your own logo. Technique 1: Let’s play with our company name.

make your own logoThink about some famous logos. For example, say we have a company named Facebook. In a fit of inspiration you think: “What if our logo is the letter F?”
Or maybe we just make up a company called Twitter, and to make it simple we decide that our logo is just a bird.

Some examples to help you make your own logo:
Company: Canarian Travel Services logo idea: “CTS” characters in a box, Canarian islands and the name of the company, A suitcase with CTS initials.
Company: Catherine Store: Possible logo idea: “CS” handwritten initials (to give the brand a casual look), CS characters in a circle, the full name with bold initial, and so on…


Make your own logo. Technique 2: Soup of ideas

design your own logoPut a bowl on the table. Take small pieces of paper and write on them our business related nouns. For example let’s continue with the brand Catherine Store. Say it´s a fashion clothing store for women 25 to 40.
Then we put the words on paper: Shoe, Blouse, Shopping Bag, Mirror, Hanger, Changing table, Smiling.
Now, mix up the words, and pick two randomly: Suppose we obtain mirror and smile. READY: Our logo can be a hand mirror with a smile.
Or suppose we took SHOES and BAG. Done: Let’s make a really cute bag with a shoe in the center.
Surely there will be combinations that will not work, but most will work as trigger for our logo idea.



Make your own logo. Technique 3: Free Hand

create your own logo

A final and very funny technique to make your own logo is called “free hand” Many times we realize that we doodle on paper without much sense. Well, the idea is to do the same but from one of the items mentioned above. For example, let’s use a shoe and a bag. Let your hand do the job without the intervention of our head.
Do this for 5 or 10 minutes. Then take a sheet, cut a square, and begin to move it over the sketches. You will find interesting logo shapes.

Tip: Check Awwapp. Amazing tool for online sketching.


The final step to make your own logo:

Once you have archieved a cool idea to make your own logo, you need to star turning it into a real logo, using Illustrator or Photoshop you should refine the lines, put some color and choose a font. If you need help on this, try our sketch-into-logo service.

Make your own logo using your cell phone

make your own logo step1

1. Draw your logo ideas. No drawing skill needed. Just try to express your concept in a piece of paper.

Draw as many as you want.
We will help you reviewing your sketch for avoiding similar logos.

how to logo make your logo

2. Capture the concepts (as many as you want) with your phone or tablet.

No high quality pictures needed. Just be sure to zoom enough to get a clear view.

your own logo make it

3. Upload the pictures and fill the required info.

Go to Upload page

TIP: You can upload your picture directly. Point your phone browser to

logo make your own DIY

4. One of our professional designers will review the sketches and tell you which has the potential to be a great logo.

You will get the editable file (for color, font, or layout edit) in Illustrator, Photoshop or Word format and a high resolution JPG file.

Try it NOW!

  • Desarrollos Web

    If you want to make your own logo but you don’t have any design skills or ideas. How can you help me? I need a logo for my website.

    • logotypers

      Just follow our step by step guide in “Make your own logo” section. Or just contact us via our form and we will help you.

  • Snežana Tomović

    but what if i don’t even have an idea how should it look like? as i can see i need to paint something

    • logotypers

      You can describe your idea instead of drawing. Like “I want my logo to be a modern icon of xxxxxxx. ( Or just find something you like in google images and post it as example. Other option is to ask us to sketch ideas for you.

  • John-tester Doe

    Can I Send a sketch by cellphone?

  • Robbert Price

    what if I have 3 or 4 logos I want made to decide what I want. do I have to pay for all 4 or just the one I decide I like?
    and what if I don’t like t5he final product that your designer makes do I still have to pay?

  • logotypers

    Hello Robbert. You pay just for one. And if you don´t like the result you will be refunded. Best regards.

  • Albert44lott

    Love the idea of turning drawings into logos. Are the vector based files?

    • Logotypers

      Hi Albert. Yes, the final files are vector based. PDF or EPS

  • Eric Nicklas

    Where can I find your terms & conditions? Who gets the IP rights to the finished logo?