Free Logo Maker

Free Logo Maker is a toolkit for making your own logo. Is our experience as senior designers in a set of logo styles. Infinite combinations, hi-res vector final art, and professional results guaranteed.

free logo maker

Just for today! Get the full version (including +300 logo styles, and unlimited combinations) for as low as $4,99 (regular price $14,99).

How does Free Logo Maker work?

Free Logo Maker is a PowerPoint kit made by professional logo designers, devoting all his experience and knowledge to generate a set of templates and styles. Helping you to achieve a high quality logo without additional tools.

The logo design process has clear rules that every professional designer knows. These rules are applied in PowerPoint style masterfully, to achieve the same results as professional designer achieves with a design specific programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

By downloading  Free Logo Maker you will come across three basic elements that make a good logo.

  • Fonts.
  • Color Palettes
  • Design styles.


See Free Logo Maker in action


Is Free Logo Maker the right tool for me?

Surely you know PowerPoint, and surely feel comfortable with the program. So far you have used it for presentations, papers and posters.
With Free Logo Maker for PowerPoint you can create professional quality logo using a tool that you already know. You can download a free copy now.


Looking at famous logos, we see that these are the combination of the three elements.

free logo maker facebook example

Facebook logo:

Typography: Vecta Bold
Color: White on Navy
Style: Blue background with wide margins and white typography

free logo maker pinterest examplePinterest logo:

Typography: Pacific
Color: Dark red
Style: P capitalized. Rest in lowercase. White with black soft shadow



free logo maker oreo example

Oreo logo:

Font: OreoFont
Color: white
Style: double stroke. first thread dark blue, light blue second stroke. Slight bow torque.


Examples of logo generated with Free Logo Maker

The combination of these three elements generate professional quality logos. For example, the following have been generated with Free Logo Maker in less than 5 minutes.

And the icon?

In this days most brands do not use icon, and have turned to the use of text logos. Why? Because a good logo text fulfills the same functions as a logo + icon and is much simpler to implement on websites, stationery, posters, emails firms. And especially because who see the logo only has to remember one object, not two (as in the case of the logos with icon)
You can get free icons here

Anyway, once defined the logo text, it is much easier to add an icon that matches the style created.

What’s included in Free Logo Maker:

The full version of Free Logo Maker includes 400 fonts, 100 basic styles, and unlimited medley. 500 color combinations on pallets professionals.

How to use Free Logo Maker

Simply download the kit, unzip the. Zip and install the fonts on your PC. After that just open the PowerPoint file you downloaded.

Then choose within the template style you like, and replace the text with your brand and slogan, and ready.

What final files generated Free Logo Maker?

Once you are satisfied with your design can save a vector file high resolution (. PDF) that will serve you for printers and any other use. As well you can also save JPG files to your website.