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Logotypers is the first platform for logo co-creation. This means that we help you create your logo. We take your ideas, add them to our own and work together to achieve a logo that is the result of your knowledge of your own business and the brand design knowledge of our designers.

How will Logotypers help me create a logo?

It’s easy. Everyone has in their mind at least a rough idea of ​​what they want as a trademark for their business. If they can not draw, at least they can express it in words.

For example, suppose you own a clothing store for women. You may have spent hours looking at logos of brands you admire and you think: “they have hired some great design studio and paid thousands of dollars to create the logo”. While this is true in many cases, the vast majority of famous logos came not from a designer’s magic, but from the teamwork between the brand owner and the designer of the logo.

In Logotypers we know for a fact that you can create your own logo with our help.

Help me create a logo: Steps

create a logo1. If you have an idea, just draw it on a piece of paper. Don’t care about the details. This is a tremendous help for us, the designers, because we can see your feelings and desires for your brand.
Many customers send us their sketches clarifying they can not draw. That’s ok! A rough sketch will do. That is the first step to co-create.

2. What if you don’t have any ideas? Don’t worry, you can tell us just what you expect the brand will provoke on your customers. For example: “my business is sophisticated, and sells unique clothing”.
With this information we can also begin the process of co-creation. Because you are the one who knows your business and we know how to turn your needs into drawings.

3. Creating the logo: After arriving at a series of drawings (whether submitted by you or generated by us based on your specifications) comes the process of turning it into a true professional logo. This is where the expertise of the designer is important.
Something as simple as a rough sketch can evolve into a great logo if the designer applies his skills.
Let’s take the example to another level: You’ve seen the show Overhauling? Well, imagine that you are the people who tell Chip Foose how is the car of your dreams. And then Chip, with his amazing knowledge and imagination, turns your wishes into reality.
In Logoypers we do the same. You set the basic idea, and we bring it to the real world.

Help me create a logo: Where to start?

If you want us to help you create your logo, you can start in our section Start Creating.