At Logotypers we’ve turned more than 2000 images and sketches into vector and professional logos.
Turn image into logo technique: The process we use is a combination of several techniques. Starting with Adobe Illustrator pen tool to manually re-trace the drawing in a rough way.

Once the image is vectorized. We start looking at the layout and alignment of the logo elements. This is a qualified task and any designer experienced in logo design will know that just a few clicks and moves can turn any shape into a good looking logo shape.


The process is much intuitive and is aimed to rescue the spirit of the logo and the real meaning of the emblem. For sure the drawing is not what customer has in his mind. Our job is to get the idea and to make it as professional as we could.

The color is not important at this point. Just shapes and volumes. Many times we start using colors to find that the logo is not good enough and we are trying to fix it adding color when the real problem is in the shapes and distribution of elements.


Turning image into final logo

Once the major shapes are done, we work on details. Shadows, lines, dots, reflections, etc. At this point is where magic happens.

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